With more than 25 years of experience as a teacher, singer, songwriter and performer, Melissa has valuable knowledge and continued involvement in the music business. She is passionate about helping aspiring vocalists and songwriters overcome obstacles and realize their full potential.

Her Story

Melissa Ellen started out as a student of “Mama Jan” Smith for 5 years when she began an apprenticeship and later joined the staff as a vocal coach. For the next 13 years Melissa trained numerous artists at Jan Smith Studios while continuing to pursue her own music, eventually recording two full-length albums. Her performances have included sharing the stage with notable artists such as Toni Braxton, Caron Wheeler, India Arie, and Geoff McBride.
In 2004 Melissa was selected to travel to China with Mama Jan to participate in the first contemporary music forum in Beijing. She is a proud voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammys), the Songwriter Hall of Fame, and the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts. Melissa has received awards for her teaching and songwriting, and co-managed a booking agency; all of which has enhanced her knowledge to further educate artists on how to make a living in the music industry.
In 2007 Melissa moved to Tennessee where she performed with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra Celebration Chorus, the Settles Connection, and Melinda Doolittle of American Idol. She continued coaching artists there and became a pro speaker for the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Melissa also conducted workshops for Indie Connect where she was a faculty member.
After nearly a decade in Nashville, Melissa returned home to both Atlanta and to Jan Smith Studios, where she continues to coach aspiring artists.

Healing Touch

As a complement to her singing and coaching, Melissa is a certified Healing Touch practitioner and intuitive. She uses her spiritual connection, energy and psychic abilities to assist singers in connecting to their own selves and thus their voices. Everything and everyone is made of energy. The voice is vibration and personal energy. Melissa can tap into your personal energy and help you to direct it and move it in order to free your voice. Melissa seeks to define her work and spread love through combining these mediums, voice, energy, vibration. Contact me below if you would like to book a Healing Touch Appointment.

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